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When you made the decision to invest in a property here in Aruba in order to rent it out during some or all of the year to the more than 1.5 million tourists who visit the island each year, you might not have realized how much is involved in properly managing a vacation rental property. The good news is that Aruba Island Vacation Rentals (AIVR) is a company that was formed for this exact purpose: To take on the many hassles and headaches of managing a rental property so you won’t have to deal with them! Our proactive approach to rental property management means we’ll identify many challenges ahead of time – before they become full-fledged emergencies. The peace of mind you’ll enjoy by knowing our team is taking care of all the details is priceless. Whatever type of property you may have, we’ll work with you to determine the specific array of services you need. We are pleased to provide the following 3 property services:

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Aruba Island Vacation Rental is your property management solution. Our top priority is your peace of mind. We focus in Vacation Rentals, Long-Term Rental & Home Caretaking.

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